Bob Landrigan Statement

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As I write this, in a time of great uncertainty when we all strive to cope with the challenges that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has brought upon us, I sit in my living room feeling very fortunate that I live in Madison. To live and serve in a town whose residents value and look out for one another; where fiscal prudence has put us in a position that others envy, and where volunteerism is one of its greatest assets, I feel both fortunate and honored.

Volunteerism is a cornerstone of Madison. Serving as the Coordinator of the Madison Office of Emergency Management through Hurricane Irene, the October Snowstorm and Hurricane Sandy, I negotiated $2 million in reimbursements with FEMA and worked to get the Borough up and running after these storms. This was made possible through the support of the Mayor, Council, Borough Administration, Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments.

Having served, and continuing to serve, on the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps for the past 23 years, as well as having served as an Auxiliary Police Officer, I understand the value Madison places in its volunteers. Madisonians appreciate the sacrifices volunteers make, and, no matter what part of the town we live in nor the size of our home or apartment, we are all equally valued residents of this town. Having been the past president of the Madison Health Department and now one of its Board Members, I am proud of the way in which they have helped safeguard the health of Madison residents and are now again in the face of this pandemic. I am proud to be a continuing member of the Downtown Development Committee (DDC) and having taken part in maintaining Madison’s vibrant downtown.

As a past two-term Councilmember, both as a Republican and as a Democrat, I advocated for frugal and prudent spending and backed budgets that imposed minimal property tax increases on our residents. As a Senior Real Estate Tax Analyst in a major New York tax appeal firm, I recognize the challenges in property values and taxes faced by homeowners, corporations and the Borough. I am an ardent believer in a sound sports program for our youth, formulating and pushing through the refurbishing of the Bayley Ellard sports fields. I believe in leaving a healthy world for our children and have backed open space initiatives, including serving as a member of a bipartisan group that successfully secured Open Space funds from Trenton. I co-sponsored resolutions that limited public smoking and worked on the advisory committee that evaluated both the design and award for the building of the Green Village Road project.

My running mate, John Hoover, shares my views on volunteerism and has worked tirelessly on the DDC, the Board of Health, and Council Liaison to the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee and Board of Education. John has a strong professional background that has served Madison well.  I look forward to working with him on the campaign and as a colleague on the Madison Borough Council.

I am proud of the way in which Mayor Conley, the Council, Borough Administration and Borough Departments have worked together to effectively fiscally manage the Borough, achieving and maintaining a Triple-A rating while improving services, our roads, our sewers, and our utility infrastructures.

I am hopeful that the residents of Madison will once again put their faith in me and elect me to serve on Council, using my experience and skills to move Madison forward while maintaining its proven traditions and values.