Democrats John Hoover and Bob Landrigan Victorious in 2020 Election.

Bob Landrigan, left, will return to the Council after serving in the past as a two-term Councilmember. John Hoover, right, wins re-election and will serve his second term.

Election Results are Official.

The Morris County Board of Elections has certified the 2020 election and the two Democrats, John Hoover and Bob Landrigan, won by healthy margins of nearly 1,000 votes each. The primarily paper ballot election showed a very high turnout of 77%, up from 73% in 2016.

The final results for Madison showed the following:

  • 12,284 registered voters (up 11% from 11,073)
  • 9,503 ballots cast, 77% turnout (up from 73% in 2016).
    • 9,237 paper ballot
    • 266 provisional ballot
  • Bob Landrigan: 5,021 votes
  • John Hoover: 5,011 votes
  • Mackaella Goodwin: 4,035 votes
  • Michael Dailey: 3,904 votes
  • Rough estimates of voters by party:
    • Dem: 38%
    • R: 32%
    • Other: 31%
  • Morris County: 78% turnout

The candidates ran a largely virtual campaign, relying on social media and news outlets to share their campaign priorities and vision. Support from volunteers and many letters to the editor helped propel the candidates to a healthy margin of victory.

John and Bob will officially begin their terms at the January 2021 Borough Council reorganization meeting.