Just the Facts: Signature Matching.

When you complete your paper ballot, you must sign the certification envelope. How does it work from here? Hint: Don’t worry about that middle name.

  • Your ballot is scanned when it’s received and checked against your Voter ID to make sure you haven’t already voted. Tip: Create your Voter account to track receipt of your ballot.
  • Starting the week of Oct 13th, signatures are manually compared to the one on file, a process that is supervised at all times by two Election Commissioners, one Republican and one Democrat.
  • The style of your signature is what matters– don’t worry about including a middle name or initial.
  • If it matches, you are good to go and your ballot will be processed.
  • If it does not match after being reviewed three times, it will be rejected and you will be sent a “Cure” letter.
  • You must return your Cure letter by the deadline indicated and if accepted, your ballot will be counted.

Read more about the legislation that made ballot curing possible.