Just the Facts: What are the Security Measures in Place for Voting?

Voting by paper ballot is convenient and secure. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The paper ballot contents:
    • The original Official Mail-in Ballot envelope and the prepaid postage return envelope has a unique bar code and Voter ID. Duplicate ballots are automatically rejected and attempts to vote twice (e.g. by paper ballot and provisional ballot at the polls) will be caught and fail.
    • The Certificate of Mail-in-Voter requires a signature which is matched and verified, or rejected through a signature review process.
    • The Bearer portion of the ballot tracks who is returning ballots for other voters. If you return someone else’s ballot, you must complete this section. Bearers are permitted to return up to three ballots only. Read more in the Bearer section on the ATNJ website.
  • Signature matching ensures that no one can vote someone else’s ballot.
  • Drop boxes:
    • The drop box that is in the commuter parking lot at 62 Kings Road (behind the Public Safety Building), is under video surveillance and is available 24/7 to safely drop in your completed ballot.
    • Ballots are sealed in a secure box, picked up and brought directly to the Board of elections daily.