Election Night Victory

Tuesday was a day of last-minute vote by mail vote-chasing and nervous energy as voters hit the polls.  By the end of the evening, there were cheers, high fives and hugs as the entire Madison Dem slate had decisive wins.  While provisional and VBM ballots mailed on election day had not yet been counted, the margin of victory was enough to call the race. You can track the official results on the election returns page.

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Mayor Bob Conley will be serving his third term at the helm with 2,705 (61%) votes vs. 1,731 (39%) for Republican candidate Rob Catalanello.   Mayor Conley is only the second mayor in Madison’s history to serve for than two terms.  Madison’s first, Mayor Albright, is the only other to have this distinction. 

When Maureen Byrne kicked off her campaign, her guiding light was to “Continue what we’ve been doing and strive to do even better.”  Madison voters clearly agreed, handing her a victory with the top vote count for the Council.  Maureen received 2,417 votes and will serve her second term on the Council.

Clearly no one told Rachel Ehrlich that first-time candidates hardly ever win.  Rachel approached this campaign with an energy, determination and positivity that was unstoppable.  Her message of both practical ideas and aspirational vision for Madison resonated with Madison voters and Rachel received 2,347 votes. 

While having great candidates provides a big advantage in any campaign, our volunteers were game changers in securing the wins.  Countless hours were spent by dozens of dedicated volunteers to spread the word, not just about our candidates, but also about the importance of voting and in support of all the races on the ballot throughout Morris County and our legislative district. 

Information on the date and time for swearing in (investiture) will be coming soon.  In the meantime, thank you to all our supporters and volunteers and congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected officials.