Madison Dems Accept LOWV Debate Invite and Urge Republicans to Do the Same.

The non-partisan League of Women Voters has a long history of providing voters with access to information about candidates in local elections. The MDC joins the Democratic candidates for the Madison Borough Council, Rachel Ehrlich and Tom Haralampoudis, in urging the Republican candidates to participate this year. You can read more about these forums on the Madison Eagle.

The last time the Madison GOP candidates participated in a League of Women Voters candidate forum (or debate), was in 2019. In 2022, the debate would take place in September, allowing vote by mail voters, early voters, and those who vote on election day to learn about the candidates and ask them questions directly. This is a vital aspect of a democracy that values informed and engaged voters.

The League notes, in the Madison Eagle article that “Despite decades of excellence and integrity, each year more and more candidates decline to participate in candidate debates, the league states. “This robs voters of the opportunity to hear directly from candidates, learn about policy issues that affect their lives, and make wise voting decisions. It also denies those running for office an opportunity to explain their policy positions and views on specific voter questions,” the League maintains.

The MDC concurs and looks forward the opportunity for all candidates to engage with voters via this critical forum.