The MDC Has Big Plans for 2022. We Invite You to Join Us.

Be a part of making democracy happen! Join the MDC for informational sessions on January 19th and 24th about the role of Council Members and the election process.

2022 is going to be an important (if not critical) election year for our country. As Democrats, we will all be working hard to ensure that our party maintains control of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives with Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill running for her third term in 2022.

Locally, we will also need to continue the good works of our current Madison Borough Council. Two seats on the Council are up for election in 2022. Council Member Rachel Ehrlich will complete a productive first term and intends to run for re-election in 2022. She will need a strong running mate, as Council Member Maureen Byrne has announced that this will be her last year in office, and that she will not be running in 2022.

We are holding informational sessions on January 19th and 24th about the role of Council Members and the election process. We would love to have you join whether you’re thinking of running now or in 2023 or beyond. Sign up here.

Council elections are important and have consequences. Borough government is responsible for much of what makes Madison so special, and as we’ve seen in communities around the nation and right next door in Chatham Township, complacency can result in shocking defeats with power given to those whose values don’t align with ours.

The Madison Democratic Committee takes seriously its role in supporting and securing wins for people just like you who want to serve on Council. Maybe you never thought about it, maybe it’s been in the back of your mind, maybe you’re thinking in a few years you’d want to raise your hand.

We have a strong Madison Democratic Committee with an experienced campaign committee. We have an enviable record of winning municipal campaigns, and we will be there to actively help you with your campaign if you choose to run. Nomination petitions must be in by early April, and we are aiming to identify interested people in January. Please signup for a session, or reach out to us directly as soon as you can.

Christine Preston and Alix Jennings.

Co-Chairs, Madison Democratic Committee Email: