Madison Eagle: Coen, Range win Democratic primary race in Madison Borough

The Madison Eagle Published the article below about the Democratic Primary. Please note that there is an important correction to the article. There were a total of 32 Republican write-ins across all districts and mail-in/provisional ballots. At this time, no single district had enough write-ins to qualify to be on the ballot in November.

MADISON– Barring a successful write-in campaign by the GOP, Democrat Councilwoman Debra Coen and Democrat Eric Range could cruise to victory in the November general election.

When votes were tallied after Tuesday’s primary election, both were victorious in the Borough Council primary race. Coen was the top Democratic vote getter with 586, followed by Range with 475. Democratic candidate Tom Haralampoudis received 324 Democratic votes.

There were no Republicans running in the primary. However, there were GOP write- in votes in some districts. Read more…