Team Coen and Range Point to Records of Accomplishment

Democratic candidates for Madison Borough Council, Board of Health President Eric Range and Madison Borough Councilwoman Debra Coen, and point to their records of accomplishments in borough government. They believe that they have the demonstrated dedication, knowledge, and experience to be effective members of the Council and to help Madison fully recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

In a joint statement, Councilwoman Debra Coen of Hoyt Street and Board of Health President Eric Range of Belleau Avenue point to their records of accomplishment in borough government.  Coen is running for reelection to the Madison Borough Council in 2021, and Range is running for his first term.  Together, they are running as a team for the Democratic nomination.  They urge all registered Democrats to vote in the June 8th primary election.

Both candidates have deep experience volunteering in roles that have made an impact on our community and have improved the quality of life enjoyed by Madison residents.  They have been enthusiastically endorsed by the Madison Democratic Committee (MDC) and will appear together on the Morris County Democratic Committee, Inc. line on the June 8th Democratic Primary ballot.

“As Co-Chairs of the MDC, we are thrilled to have Deb and Eric running as a team behind the strength of their nomination by the 28 MDC members, who represent all the voters in their respective districts across Madison,” stated Co-Chairs Alix Jennings and Christine Preston. “The nomination followed a formal vetting of all three candidates at the Committee’s regularly scheduled February meeting.  This included presentations followed by a Q and A session and an anonymous vote.  The team of Coen & Range demonstrated their knowledge and commitment to Madison, and we are pleased to be able to offer them the endorsement of the MDC.”

Candidate Coen stated: “I am proud of my record the past two and half years on the council.   My colleagues and I have been very responsible, doing the complicated and detailed work of managing the borough’s finances during a difficult time.  We have been able to maintain quality municipal services, provide a strong capital improvements plan, and enhance the amenities that make Madison a desirable place to live, all the while keeping taxes under control.  Over three budgets, we have kept the cumulative increase to a minimum of only 3%, far less than what surrounding communities have faced.

Last spring, when the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic become apparent, we as a council responded quickly.  We enacted the Mayor’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Toolkit, which included one-time electric rebates to residents furloughed or without jobs due to the contagion. Electric rebates were also granted to businesses that were closed because they were considered ‘non-essential’ and utility disconnects and interest payments for non-payment were suspended.”

Madison Board of Health President, Eric Range stated: “Deb and I both support the 2021 municipal budget with its 2% tax increase.  With the lingering COVID impacts on borough revenues and the long-term prospects at Giralda Farms uncertain, we believe it is important to protect the fund balance.  It was a healthy municipal fund balance that enabled our COVID-19 response and that which protects Madison’s coveted AAA credit rating.”

Councilwoman Coen continued: “As liaison to the Board of Health last year, I worked closely with Eric as the board responded to COVID-19.   Throughout the year, Eric demonstrated his organizational skills and concern not only for the community but also for the staff of the health department who were on the frontlines.  He was essential in helping to coordinate the efforts of contact tracing within the schools and for a safe reopening of Drew University for the spring semester.”

In conclusion, the candidates stated: “Together, we hope to earn your vote and bring our decades of demonstrated dedication, knowledge, and experience to borough government. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Madison successfully recovers from the pandemic. We hope that all Madison Democrats will come out on June 8th and vote for our team.”

For more information on voting in the June 8th primary, please visit  Voters can learn more about Eric and Deb on the website, or email for any questions.