General Election: Ask Your Questions Here.

Avoid confusion about the upcoming general election. Here is a place to ask questions and get answers.

First, visit our Voter Information, General Election FAQ, and Paper Ballot 101 pages. Still have questions? Ask your question in the comments below and we will answer them!

  1. Can I vote on a machine in person at my polling place? No. Unless you are eligible to use an ADA-compliant voting machine, your only option at the polls is to hand in your completed paper ballot, or fill out a paper provisional ballot. And Madison will only have a single polling place in the Courthouse at Hartley Dodge.
  2. Will I automatically get a ballot in the mail? If you are an active, registered voter, you will get a ballot in the mail. You do not need to request a ballot. Not sure if you are? Visit this NJ DOS site and create your voter account or call the Morris County Clerk’s office at: 973-285-6120. If you have not received a ballot by October 5th, call the Clerk’s office to inquire.
  3. What are the key election dates? The official date of the election is November 3rd, but visit our Voter Information page for all dates. Ballots will be mailed by Oct. 5th and must be postmarked, or dropped into the secure drop box by November 3rd.
  4. How to I check to see if I am registered and register if I’m not? Check your status on the Registration Check page. If you are not registered, you can do so online using the brand new Voter Registration tool.
  5. I’m worried my signature has changed over time and it won’t match. Can I update it?
    1. Yes, you can and should if want to avoid a ballot rejection. Complete a signature update using the registration form (just tick the signature update box).
    2. Be aware, though, that if your ballot is rejected for signature mismatch, you will be notified and given a chance to correct it.
  6. What are the steps to create my Voter account?
    1. Go to the NJ state division of elections and then go to the bottom of the page and click on: Sign Up for Public Access
    2. Fill out the requested information. If you registered to vote without providing a Driver’s License or SSN, you will have to select voter ID. For Morris County, voter registration numbers are nine numbers long. If you registered some years ago, the number on your voter registration is probably not valid any longer. The MDC can provide you with your Voter ID if you complete this request form or call the County Clerk’s office (973) 285-6120 to get your new number. Put in the Voter ID number and complete the rest of the required information.
    3. You will then receive an email from the state. Click on the link in the email and check to see that your registration has been completed.
    4. You can then retrieve your voter history information and see if your vote has been counted.
    5. Here is a great guide from ATNJ on setting up your account and navigating it.
  7. Where is my ballot? Ballots were mailed to Madison voters on Sept. 24th. To confirm your ballot was mailed and to request a replacement, call the County Clerk’s office (973) 285-6120.
  8. How are the ballot drop boxes secure? The drop box that will be in the commuter parking lot at 62 Kings Road (behind the Public Safety Building), is under video surveillance, is available 24/7 to safely drop in your completed ballot. Ballots are picked up and brought directly to the Board of elections daily. See more on ballot security on our Voting FAQ page.
  9. When does the Board of Elections start verifying signatures? The County Boards of Elections will meet at least four days a week starting October 13, 2020 to begin verifying the signatures on the paper ballots. Voters whose ballots are rejected for a missing or a mismatching signature, will be contacted and given the opportunity to cure the signature defect.

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