Carmela Vitale Points to Her Experience in Government and Service to the Community

When Council President and candidate for re-election, Carmela Vitale of Myrtle Avenue,, is asked why she wants to run for Madison Borough Council, she responds: “My answer is simple, I love representing the residents of this wonderful town, and I want to continue to make it an even better place to live. The next few years are going to be very exciting times for Madison, and I feel that my experience in government will help us assess and implement the new ideas we will be pursuing. I am also very pleased to be a part of one of the best, most effective Councils that I have ever been privileged to serve on. We get things done!”
Vitale continued, “I understand municipal government and how to make it work effectively to meet the needs of its residents. Before my first term, I attended Rutgers Government School and learned a great deal about the rules and regulations that govern municipalities. During my time on the Council and as a member of numerous boards and committees, I have continuously built on that knowledge.

Municipal budgets are now well under control; borough services have improved; and we continue to invest in our roads, sewers, and utility infrastructures. We have been able to maintain borough services, expand shared services, and maintain Madison’s AAA credit rating. Again this year, the increase in the effective municipal tax rate was less than 2%. In May, we began returning $1.5 million from our electric utility surplus to our ratepayers in the form of a monthly credit on their electric bills.

I was really gratified when my running mate John Hoover recently observed that ‘Carmela Vitale is a borough institution. It is an honor to be running with her. No one knows the community, its residents and the mechanics of borough government better than Carmela Vitale. ‘”

Vitale is a four term Madison Borough Council member. She currently serves as Madison Borough Council President and was also Council President in 2012. She is chairperson for the Council Public Works and Engineering Standing Committee and a member of the Finance and Borough Clerk Standing Committee. She is also Council liaison to the Environmental Commission, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Parks Advisory Committee, and has been the proud liaison to the Patriotic Celebrations Committee for six years. She also serves as liaison to the Shade Tree Management Board and the Sustainable Madison Advisory Board.

Carmela Vitale has also served as chairperson of the borough’s Senior Citizens Advisory Committee and served two terms as President of the Madison Board of Health. She is Madison’s representative on the county Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee. She served as membership chairperson for the Whippany River Watershed Action Committee. Vitale is also a long-time member of Madison’s Thursday Morning Club.

Vitale stated that “I am a life-long resident of Madison and a local businesswoman. My husband Sal and I are proud to have raised our family here. We know Madison well – its history and its residents. We love this town.

I believe that my extensive experience in municipal government, my volunteer activities and my local business ties demonstrate my total commitment to the community. If re-elected, I will continue to work tirelessly for each and every Madison resident.”

She concluded by stating, “I am excited to be running with John Hoover this year. John has a wealth of experience in borough affairs, having served on numerous borough boards, commissions, and committees. His presence on the Borough Council will help us to continue to effectively serve the community. “