Thank You from Astri Baillie and Debra Coen

heroDear Madison Residents,

The elections on November 6 were of major importance nationwide, but they also were very significant for Madison. It was great to see a strong turnout in Madison and we want to thank the voters who gave us their support for election to the Borough Council. As we said during the campaign, our goals are to keep taxes low, maintain high quality services and continue needed infrastructure projects without taking on debt. We believe Madison is a great place to live and raise our families and we aim to keep it that way!

We want to thank Kathy Dailey and Mark Chiarolanza for running a positive campaign which focused on the important concerns facing our town. We greatly appreciate the civility and positive tone of their campaign. We sincerely hope that will continue to be the model for future campaigns for election to the Borough Council.

We urge all of you to stay involved in our town and sincerely hope you will reach out to us or the other members of the Borough Council with any concerns you may have.

Astri Baillie and Debra Coen