Rachel Barry Endorsement Letter

heroI’ll admit that I don’t get to as many Madison Borough Council meetings as I’d like, but when I do attend, I know that I’ll see (Democratic candidate for the Madison Borough Council) Deb Coen there.

Deb’s commitment to Madison goes far beyond her meeting attendance, yet I still appreciate that she’s present, focused, and engaged in the agenda. Like other busy working moms, she juggles so many responsibilities – track meets, grading papers, making sure that homework gets done – but she never complains about her over-packed schedule.

She makes it work, and that’s a big part of why I’m excited to vote for Deb Coen for the Madison Borough Council on Nov. 6. I know her experience, engagement with the community, and leadership will help keep Madison on track in the coming years.

Coen is a true leader in our community and beyond. She’s an award-winning teacher in West Orange, and the Executive Director of New Jersey Technology Education Educators Association. She served on the Madison Board of Education and has children in the schools who are active athletes and students.

Coen is tireless, organized and excited about the prospect of serving Madison in a new capacity as a councilperson – I can’t imagine a better-suited candidate for the position.

Since coming to Madison, my husband and I have met so many talented people with such a wide range of talents and experience. I feel so fortunate to live in a place where people make the time give back to the community – from volunteering to serving in positions on our Borough Council. Coen is a living example of that commitment to service, and I know that she’ll do great things that will benefit all families in Madison.

Rachel Barry
Green Village Rd.