Melissa Elias Endorsement Letter

heroWhile it’s wonderful to see so many engaged and passionate voices in this 2018 campaign season, it behooves us to remember that at the local level, our primary focus should be on what is best for Madison, as opposed to which political party label a candidate may wear.

Astri Baillie and Deb Coen are substantive, smart, spunky, independent thinkers. Their well thought out and clearly articulated platform epitomizes all that is in the best interest of Madison, both currently and in terms of future plans and goals. From environmental stewardship to open space funding and initiatives, from equitable housing to the crafting of a new master plan, they not only have their finger on the pulse of our town, but they also have creative ideas and energized plans to implement them. They are positive, dedicated, passionate and accomplished volunteers, devoting countless hours to making Madison the best that it can be. Their love for our town is evident in their words and actions.

One additional point—Madison is anchored in a very strong financial position and has the distinction of holding a AAA credit rating, the highest grade available in the marketplace and one held by few municipalities in New Jersey. Maintaining that rating will be critical in these challenging and volatile financial times. I want both Astri and Deb on our local leadership team, one that is dedicated to fiscal stability and responsibility.

Please cast your votes for Astri Baillie and Debra Coen for Borough Council on November 6.

Melissa Elias
Green Village Rd.