Jessica DiPaolo Endorsement Letter

heroNot everyone pays close attention to Borough Council elections. There, I said it. But not only does your vote matter to Madison, it matters to you in your everyday life. The roads you drive on, the police and fire departments that protect you and your home, the water and electricity that comes to your home, the leaves, garbage and recyclables that are picked up in front of your home, the parks and recreational programs and facilities that your family uses, these are all the responsibility of the municipal government at the direction of the Council. Astri Baillie and Deb Coen, candidates for Borough Council, have already done things in this town that have made your life better – things which you may not even be aware of.

Upgrades to the Madison Recreation Center (MRC) including new bleachers? Better conditions to the skating area at Memorial Park? The preservation of the historic James Library? Winning grants for future improvements to Hartley Dodge Memorial Plaza? All of those things happened with Astri’s guidance as the liaison to the Open Space Committee. Details matter, and while I am incredibly thankful that Astri has worked to retain Madison’s AAA credit rating, I am equally appreciative that she recognizes the things that make a difference to me each and every day.

Deb Coen shares this understanding of all of the things which make our lives here in Madison so good. Madison is notable for being a family-friendly town with excellent academic and extra-curricular opportunities. Someone like Deb who is immersed in the schools and sports programs understands how they work and how to make them better. Deb has been tirelessly dedicated to the Madison school system for years, including serving as a Board of Education member, being a part of the Technology Advisory Committee and as a Board Member of the Madison Soccer Club. That’s who I want on the Borough Council – someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff because she knows how important all of it is to our lives!

Madison is not a corporation; it is a beautiful town made up of our individual experiences and our collective interest in preserving its history. Deb and Astri understand this, and have already been representing us in so many ways. I trust that their attention to detail – the big and little things that matter to all of us – make them the best candidates to elect to our Borough Council.

Jessica DiPaolo
Alma Ave.