Fiscally Responsible Leadership

The current Madison Borough Council has demonstrated that it can deliver municipal services and quality of life in a fiscally responsible way. The Borough’s budgets are well under control; services have been improved; and millions of dollars have been invested in our roads, sewers and utility infrastructures on a pay-as-you-go basis. If elected to be your representatives on Council, we commit to maintaining this record of service delivery and investment while keeping tax increases to a minimum and continuing to pay an electric dividend to our residents.


Guiding Solutions – Planning for our Future

Looking forward, we want to meet with our residents and work with them to find solutions for planning issues such as updating the Master Plan; the continued revitalization of our downtown and improved parking; and promoting housing diversity and preservation.


Commitment to Open Space Funding

We are committed to open space funding at current levels. Madison’s Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Trust Fund leverages borough dollars with grant money from the state and county that allows us to protect what makes Madison unique: our parks, our historic public buildings and our facilities for active and passive recreation.