Carmela Vitale Endorsement Letter

heroThis letter is an endorsement of Astri Baillie and Debra Coen for Madison Borough Council. I have the privilege to know Astri and to work with her on many Council committees. No one has a better knowledge of planning, zoning, and of course, open space preservation. When Astri and Don Bowen brought the concept of an Open Space Tax to the Council, we deliberated and agreed that this should be a decision that is made by the entire town. The resulting referendum appeared on the 2003 ballot, and the voters overwhelmingly decided that this was what the town needed. Since then I have had the privilege of watching the Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Advisory Committee save park land and the historic Luke Miller house, preserve the James Library, home of the METC, and add and enhance our park and recreation facilities. The work of the committee continues to make Madison a better place to live and work in. Astri still leads it with a great deal of hard work and understanding of the needs of the town.

For the past two years, Astri and I have worked diligently with the Borough Administration and CFO to manage the municipal budget so that we keep all of our services intact while ensuring tax increases stay at record lows. We are proud of our hard work on behalf of the residents of Madison.

It has been great getting to know Deb Coen; she is a bright, energetic, articulate person. She clearly loves Madison, which to me is the first criterion for running for office in Madison. I know she will be a welcome addition to the Council and will work hard to continue the good work that this Council has initiated while bringing to it a new voice and new ideas.

I am asking Madison voters, as a person who has worked with and have a great deal of respect for these strong women, to vote for them. The town needs their voice, experience and love of Madison. Please vote for Baillie and Coen on November 6.

The views expressed in this letter are mine and are not intended to reflect those of any other members of the Madison Borough Council.

Carmela Vitale
Myrtle Ave.