Madison is a diverse community with a significant Democratic presence in local government. The Mayor (Bob Conley) and all six members of the Borough Council (Maureen Byrne, Debra Coen, Rachel Ehrlich, John Hoover, Bob Landrigan, and Eric Range) are Democrats.

The Madison Democratic Committee consists of as many as 28 members: two representatives for each of the 14 voting districts in the borough. The Committee members are elected every 2 years during the primary elections, and vacancies can be filled by a vote of the existing members of the Committee. The Committee is responsible for selecting candidates who will run on the Regular Democratic Party line in primary elections.

Madison Democratic Committee Officers

Co-Chairs: Alix McLean Jennings & Christine Preston
Vice Chair: Dave Luber 
Treasurer: Denice Katz
Secretary: Christine Boyle

District Representatives

Each of Madison’s 14 voting districts has two representatives on the committee.

District 1: Ann Huber & Open, to be filled.
District 2:
Marianne McConnell & Lauren Pacheco
District 3:
Judy Honohan & Claudine Berti
District 4:
Christine Boyle & Luke Bias
District 5:
JoAnne McCarthy & David Luber
District 6:
Jill Rhodes & Stephen Sherman
District 7:
Eleanor Flanigan & Robert Schriek
District 8:
Christine Preston & John F. Heenehan
District 9:
Rachel Barry & Ronald Davison
District 10:
Denice Katz & Andrew Katz
District 11:
Corinne Bowen & Kranti Pally
District 12:
Christy Pambianchi & Kate Ransom-Silliman
District 13:
Alix McLean Jennings & Ross Snyder
District 14:
Margaret White & Joe Balwierczak

Committee Members’ Roles

Committee members attend monthly Committee meetings. They bring items to meeting agendas as representatives of their voting districts.

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Committee members identify active Democrats in their voting districts and periodically communicate with them both formally and informally. They cultivate a pipeline for potential Borough Council candidates, and they secure contact information for potential Committee members or supporters.

Committee members are asked to lead initiatives that are part of the Committee’s plan. These vary from year to year, and an initiative’s leader does not have to do all of the implementation work, but he or she is responsible for coordinating that effort.

When the Committee runs candidates in local elections, Committee members actively support Democratic candidates. Members will often walk with candidates in parades or at public appearances or ​canvass with candidates. They write letters to the editors of local news outlets, they support candidates at public events (e.g., Bottle Hill Day), and they make phone calls to Democrats in their voting districts.

Committee members are actively engaged with Committee communications. They suggest items for the Committee’s website, they engage with content on the Committee’s Facebook page and other social media, and they communicate with Democrats in their voting districts about meetings, campaign events, and other Committee priorities.